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Academic Appeals

Suspension Appeals

San Jacinto College students on academic suspension who have not completed their term of suspension may appeal for immediate reinstatement when truly extenuating circumstances exist. Request for Appeal of Suspension forms are available in the Educational Planning, Counseling & Completion office on each campus. If the Appeals Committee approves the request, the Committee will prescribe specific conditions for enrollment. These conditions may include limits on classes or the number of hours which may be taken, specific grades which must be attained (e.g., C or above; student may not withdraw), requirements for periodic progress reports from the teacher(s) involved and mandatory follow-up counseling. Students who agree to the conditions of enrollment as defined by the Committee will be allowed to re-enroll on suspension override. Failure to meet the terms of the contract will result in immediate execution of the suspension stipulations with no refund of tuition and fees and without further appeal. If the Committee on one campus denies the suspension appeal, the denial is effective on all three San Jacinto College campuses.