Q. Where do I submit my certification request?

A. Go to:  Veteran Services Home Web Page and submit all required documentation for certification.  Certification is required every semester, if you changes to your registration, or if you withdrawal.

  • Click on the "Veteran Certification Request Form" tab for credit classes leading to a degree or certificate


  • "Non-Credit Certification Request Form" tab for non-credit Maritime or Truck Driving certification requests.

Q. Can I submit a request with only partial documents?

A. Failure to upload all documents, or partially completed documents, required for certification will result in your certification being returned as incomplete. Until all documents are received your certification request will not be processed. 

  • Initial review of certification request can take up to 5-10 working days during peak registration. 
  • If your request is returned, the request will take an additional 5-10 days for review. 
  • DON'T DELAY to request certification well before payment deadline.  

Q. Do I have to reapply for benefits each term?

A. Yes, students need to request certification of benefits each term.

Q. Can I use Hazlewood with my VA benefits?

A. In some cases students may be allowed to use VA Educational Benefits and Hazlewood at the same time. Students need to complete the Hazlewood application each term. Please contact your Veteran Services Office for more information.

Q. Do I need to notify Veterans Services of schedule changes?

A. It is important to know how adding or dropping classes will affect your benefit certification. If you are using financial aid in addition to receiving VA Educational Benefits you must speak to a financial aid advisor before making changes to your schedule. To avoid over payments students must submit a request to update their enrollment certification via the certification request portal.


Q. Can I use financial aid and VA benefits at the same time?

A. Yes, you can receive financial aid and VA benefits at the same time. Students need to speak to a financial aid advisor for assistance information. VA benefits do not affect your eligibility to receive financial aid.


Q. Can I change my degree plan?

A. The Department of Veterans Affairs allow students to change degree plans at the end of each term. Students no longer need to submit a change of place or training form if they continue enrollment. Students must submit a signed updated degree plan when making the request to change their degree plan. Students must also submit a new degree evaluation.

Q. Can I work on more than one degree at the same time?

A. No, students cannot work on more than one-degree plan during the same term. Please check with your Veteran Services office for more information.


Q. Will Veterans Services put a hold on my account to prevent my classes from being dropped.

A. No

Q. When is the last day to submit my complete certification request to guarantee certification of my benefits before Payment Deadline?

A. Ten working days (two weeks) before Payment Deadline. Note, if you are registered for a mini course (3 week), the Payment Deadline is two weeks before the full part-of-term Payment Deadline. 

Q. My schedule was certified but I have changed my registration and now owe a balance. Can I upload my new schedule and jump to the front of the line to correct my certification?

A. Any changes to your schedule after payment deadline increasing the amount due above $0, requires you to PAY IN FULL, start a payment plan, or a visit to the Veteran Center nearest you to sign a short-term loan for the course covered by your benefits.


The Joint Services Transcript (JST) provides a description of military schooling and work history in civilian language. It serves as a counseling tool for academic and career counselors in advising service members and veterans. It serves as an aid in preparing resumes and explaining Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, National Guard and Navy work experience to civilian employers and schools. It also saves time and money by awarding academic credits, which means less tuition to pay and less time spent in the classroom. When you complete a military school or training, you may earn college credit hours toward your degree. You’re MUST submit your official JST transcript to San Jacinto College for evaluation of credits in your degree plan. The JST will show the date you completed AIT, OCS or BOLC.

To obtain your JST go to:

  1. Look for “Register to Use this System” at the top of the page and click on the word “REGISTER”.
  2. Complete the eight boxes of the “Registration” page. Write down your user name and password. It is suggested to use your email address as your user name.
  3. When you get to the screen with “Registration Completed”, click on the “ENTER HERE” link.
  4. A new page will open with five links across the top. Click on “Transcripts”.