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General Questions

Student Questions

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General Questions

How do I login to the survey system?

  • Go to the survey login page.
  • Login using your San Jac username and password: the same username and password that you use to logon to San Jac computers on campus.
  • If your correct username and password are not being accepted and you are using Internet Explorer, you may need to change the privacy settings in Internet Explorer to accept cookies. You may also choose to use Firefox or another browser instead; this is a known issue only with Internet Explorer.

To allow cookies in Internet Explorer:

  • Go to the Tools menu and select Internet Options
  • Click on the Privacy tab.
  • Move the slider to Medium.
  • Click Apply and then OK.

How do I recover or reset my password?

  • Students and Employees who need to recover their San Jacinto College network password can do so here:
  • For external users of the survey system or other special accounts, please email for assistance.

When are the end of course evaluation surveys available?

  • Generally, surveys are available during the next to last week of a class session. e.g. For a 4-week class session, surveys will be available during the third week of classes; for an 8-week session, surveys will be available during the 7th week of classes; for regular semester-long 16-week courses, surveys will be available during the 15th week.
  • Specifically, the survey will be available 11 days before the end of a course and will remain open for 7 days; thus, there are a few courses that will have surveys open Wed through the Tue before the course ends on Sunday. See the image below for the current semester's end of course survey schedule (click to enlarge image).

    Schedule for when the end of course surveys will be available during Fall 2012.

Student Questions

Why are there no surveys listed for me to complete?

  • End of course evaluation surveys currently are scheduled for the second to last week of the term - 11 days before the official end date of the course - the week before finals week. If you do not have a course ending in the next 11 days, your end of course evaluation survey is not yet available.

Are my responses anonymous?

  • Responses are anonymous. The system does not allow an instructor to directly connect any quantitative responses with an individual student. Unless a student identifies him or herself in the written comments, qualitative responses are also anonymous.
  • Results are not released to faculty until after final grades have been submitted for the course.

What if my question isn't answered?

  • Email for help at survey @

Faculty Questions

How do I know how many students have responded to an active survey?

  • After logging in to the survey system, you will see a list of courses with surveys. Clicking on the link for a course will open the Subject View. The Response Rate area of that view indicates how many total students were invited to the survey and how many have responded.
    Faculty view of response rate

If my response rate for a course is low, what tools are available for me to encourage students to complete their survey?

  • In the Subject View, the Response Details section lists all students invited to complete the survey and the status of their email invitation (highlighted). You may click on the individual Email link to send a student a personal email (blue arrow). You may also use the Email button at the bottom of the page to send a bulk email to all students in the course that have not yet completed the survey (red arrow). Click to enlarge the image.

    Faculty tools to increase response rate