Upcoming Production

San Jacinto College South Campus Theatre & Film presents a Student-Independent Project of the play Things I Know to be True by Andrew Bovell. 

A Student-Independent Project, or "SIP" is a production fully created, designed, and operated by San Jac’s own students/alum. This includes actors, designers, technicians, and directors. With the support of the South Fine Arts Department and thanks to Theatre & Film faculty, Frank Vela, these vigilant students have been able to bring this beautiful play to life, that focuses on the importance of family and how life is never quite what you expect it to be.

If you are interested to see this project, please follow along via social media @sjcsouththeatre and check back for more information about our live stream performance on May 27th at 7pm.


South Theatre & Film Auditions

The San Jacinto College South Campus Theatre & Film program is committed to creating an environment of learning and community. We purposefully select shows that we feel are relevant to our students, with themes that are applicable to our contemporary life. We are a program that prides itself on creating opportunity for our students unlike any other College campus. We teach relevant life skills and trades to create well-rounded and experienced individuals ready to enter the workforce. We have taught basic welding, carpentry, sound and light board operation, camerawork and much more.


Not only that, but there are also several paid work opportunities within the program as well as opportunities to work and perform at professional Theatres, such as Stages Theatre.  We offer our students the opportunity to come forward with an idea for a Student Initiated Project (SIP) and take the reigns in choosing, directing, and putting on a piece of Theater, whether that be a one-act show, community project, light show, or any other work our students are interested in.


  • For those interested in auditioning, please click here to access the auditions OneDrive which contains information about scholarships, the audition process, and more.

  • For the opportunity to apply to be an intern at Stages Theatre or Outdoor Miller Theatre, click here.

  • To apply for the South Theatre & Film Scholarship click here.

For more information, please contact Frank Vela or Brandi Ford. 

South Campus Theatre and Film offers a unique and dynamic theatre training program designed with your interests in mind. We will prepare you to excel as a performer, designer, or technician at the university level, or to jump straight into the professional realm of theatre.

South campus theatrical production


What makes us so unique?

  1. Our Approach:  At South campus we approach the art of theatre with the ideology of, “Let’s see if we can find a more effective way to produce theatre.”  You’ll be taught how theatre has been done in the past with the expectation of modifying these practices to serve the more diverse, contemporary audiences of today and the future.  This type of approach is impossible without an extreme level of collaboration between our students, our faculty, and the professional artists we hire to serve as mentors in our productions.   We want our students’ ideas and input!
  2. Our Faculty:   Theatre & Film faculty boast robust professional resumes and an extensive network of contacts in the local and national theatre community. Professor Frank Vela received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Texas Pan American (Theatrical Design), and his Master of Fine Arts from the University of Texas at Austin in Theatrical Design. He continues to work professionally as a freelance designer throughout the Houston area. He was a founding member of one of Houston’s most dynamic theatre companies, Horse Head Theatre.
  3. Our Facilities:  Come visit and tour our wonderful performance spaces, scene shop, costume shop, and theatre lab.  We pride ourselves on providing facilities that allow our students to have amazing, hands-on experiences with state-of-the-art equipment normally reserved for upper level students. You can be designing and working on shows after just one semester instead of waiting until your junior or senior year!
  4. Lighting designOur Shows:  No one does shows like we do. Our productions focus on original experiences specifically created to cater to the wishes of our audiences and students. Our experimental approach to how a play is produced often incorporates live music, professional artists to serve as mentors, unconventional design, an experience where the line between audience and artists is all but gone, and new scripts that have never been produced anywhere else in the world. That’s right. We do world premieres!