The San Jacinto College South Campus Theatre & Film program is committed to creating an environment of learning and community. We purposefully select shows that we feel are relevant to our students, with themes that are applicable to our contemporary life. We are a program that prides itself on creating opportunity for our students. We teach relevant life skills and trades to create well-rounded and experienced individuals ready to enter the workforce. We have taught basic welding, carpentry, sound and light board operation, camerawork and much more.

South Campus Theatre & Film offers a unique and dynamic theatre training program designed with your interests in mind. We will prepare you to excel as a performer, designer, or technician at the university level, or to jump straight into the professional realm of theatre.


We are located at the Marie Spence Flickinger Fine Arts Center at SJC South Campus.

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Upcoming Production


A Wish for Hope

(A production done in partnership with YMCA International)

Inspired by the experiences and positive spirit of several refugees at YMCA International, playwright Gabriela Anez has crafted a unique story of hope. Six refugees planned a day of work for Harrison Recovery, a company that employs refugees to clean up a local, run-down park. However, a storm brings their efforts to a complete halt before they even get started. Rather than burying their thoughts, they choose to share their heartwarming and encouraging stories, discovering the value of empathy and togetherness in the face of challenges. 


We are continuing to look to fill the following roles:  

Milagros: Hispanic, female-presenting, mid 20’s. From Caracas, Venezuela. She works as a house cleaner to provide for her three-year-old son, Migue. The heart of an artist, her true passion is found in her paintings. 


Halimah: Arab, female-presenting, late 40’s (age-range flexibility for this role). From Syria. Halimah has been living in the United States for 4 years. She worked as a teacher in Syria, but now works as a babysitter in the United States. She is studying to receive her certification to teach in the United States. She is Aunt to Asif.


Asif: Arab, male-presenting, late teens. (age-range flexibility for this role) From Syria. Asif has been living in the United States for 4 years. He is Nephew to Halimah.


Juancho: Hispanic, male-presenting, mid 20’s. From Mexico. Juancho is the self-appointed fixer in his family. He wears the nickname “Payaso”(clown) with great pride.


For more information, please contact Director, Laura Grayson, at

If interested, please CLICK HERE or scan the QR code to access the audition form, character breakdowns and additional information.


All performances are free and open to the public.

More information about upcoming performances coming soon!



South Theatre & Film students volunteered their time and learned about the YMCA's support of vulnerable populations in our community.

YMCA International

Student Initiated Projects (SIPs)

El Nagual (An Original Short Film)

"When a young college student comes into possession of a mysterious necklace, an ancient creature begins its hunt."


  • Written by: Irene Tulloch
  • Directed By: Derek Fyffe
El Nagual
El Nagual
El Nagual
El Nagual


The SIPs are an all student organized, student designed, and student run initiative open to all Theatre & Film Students. The work you see features students from the program, including first time in college students, recently graduated alumni and community members. Each and every person involved has volunteered many hours to this initiative and we couldn’t be prouder.  As you sit back and enjoy this film production, keep in mind that it was 100% produced by THE STUDENTS.  It reflects who they are as individuals, and shines a light on the education they have received in the Fine Arts.  It is the hope of the Theatre & Film Program that the SIPs initiative continues to flourish and demonstrates the talent our students possess when given an opportunity.  Student Initiated Project

We offer our students the opportunity to come forward with an idea for a Student Initiated Project (SIP) and take the reins in choosing, directing, and putting on a piece of Theater, whether that be a one-act show, community project, light show, or any other work our students are interested in.


For more information, please contact Frank Vela.

Summer Internships

Our program also offers several paid work opportunities within the program as well as opportunities to work and perform at professional Theatres throughout the Houston community.  Currently, we offer 5-week summer internships beginning June at Stages Houston and  The Ensemble Theatre.  For more information, please contact Frank Vela.


For the opportunity to apply to be an intern, click here.

South Campus Scholarships

This is a tuition-based scholarship for intensive theatre students. The most dedicated theatre students spend so much of their free time at rehearsals, build days and working on projects that it often precludes them from having any sort of part-time (or certainly a full-time) job. To help the deserving students offset this issue we provide this award that goes directly towards paying their tuition fees for all their San Jacinto College classes.

In order to be considered for a scholarship you must be enrolled in a course or feel free to contact Professor Frank Vela to schedule an interview.

  • Award: Varies
  • Deadline: Fall - 06/30/2023 | Spring - 11/30/2023
  • Supplemental Questions
    • Students must enroll in a Theatre Practicum Class (DRAM 1120, 1121, 2120,  2121) to receive and keep the award. Are you planning on enrolling in one of the many other theatre or film courses this upcoming semester?
    • Please submit a one paragraph response to the following question..." Why Theatre?"
    • Please list all DRAM courses you intend to register for in the upcoming semester.

San Jacinto College Theatre & Film