Transferring from San Jac

Planning to Transfer to a University?

If so, meet with a Program Advisor early in your academic career to ensure your courses will transfer properly. Your future university’s website is the best resource for information regarding admissions, testing, deadlines, GPA requirements, available scholarships, and transfer plans.

Watch the video below for more info and tips on transferring and scroll to the bottom of the page to check out our step-by-step transfer guide.

Transferring to a University
Steps To Transfer
  • Confirm your San Jac degree program / major
  • Identify transfer plans and course sequences for your intended universities
  • Get assistance exploring Transfer Pathways
  • Access career services resources
  • Meet with a university transfer advisor to review your coursework and discuss admission requirements for your intended major
  • Determine the "best fit" for your major, interests, needs and budget
  • Visit potential universities to get a feel for the campus environment
  • If you can't visit in person, utilize the many virtual tours offered by universities
  • Visit your transfer institution's website to understand their transfer application process
  • Submit your transfer admission application by the posted deadlines
  • Submit your official transcripts and any other required documents if required (example: test scores, essays, letters of recommendations, etc.)
  • Pay the admissions application fee or potentially get your application fee waived (offered by some universities for students who demonstrate need or who participate in transfer admissions activities)
  • Monitor your email for correspondence from the university regarding your next steps in the transfer admissions process
  • Meet with a university advisor to review successful transfer courses, discuss your transfer GPA, and plan out future courses to complete your bachelor's degree
  • Attend a transfer orientation and get registered
  • Apply for services such as financial aid, scholarships, veteran’s benefits and accessibility services, if applicable.
  • Explore on-campus housing, student involvement and activities, tutoring services, career services, and other on campus resources to enhance your college experience
Things to consider about Transferring
  • Does your target institution offer your field of study / major?
  • What is the minimum GPA required to transfer?
  • Is there an additional / higher GPA required for your major?
  • What is the deadline to apply for transfer admissions?
  • What is the deadline to apply for transfer scholarships and financial aid?
  • What is the deadline to apply for Veteran's benefits (if applicable)?
  • Compare the cost between universities you're considering. Does it cost more to go to one university than the other?
  • Does this university require that you live on campus?
  • Did you apply for financial aid?
  • Did you apply for veteran's benefits?
  • Do you qualify for any application fee waivers?
  • Do you qualify for any tuition exemptions?
  • Are there more classes you can take at San Jac before transferring?
  • Have you scheduled a campus visit?
  • Are you willing to relocate to another city to attend this university?
  • Have you thought about your transportation needs for this campus? Can you commute and park your vehicle on campus or is there public transit available?
  • Reach out to the university representatives for assistance (admissions, financial aid, advising, etc.)
  • Contact an program advisor on any San Jac Campus
  • Review the Transfer Credit Guide