Tuition FAQs

Tuition FAQs

What are the tuition rates?

Under our simplified tuition model, one set amount is charged per semester credit hour based on a student’s residency with no additional fees.


How much is tuition?

The following tuition rates went into effect in Fall 2019:

  • $78 per Semester Credit Hour for in-district
  • $135 per Semester Credit Hour for out-of-district
  • $210 per Semester Credit Hour for out-of-state/international

Remember, there are no additional registration and enrollment fees.


Will I still have to pay lab fees?

No. Lab fees, as well as many other fees, have been eliminated and incorporated into tuition. Other registration fees that have been eliminated are:

  • General Service Fee
  • Distance Learning Fee
  • Technology Fee
  • Course Fees
  • Incidental Fees


What non-registration-related charges can I still expect?

The following charges will still be billed when appropriate:

  • Installment Payment Plan, including charges for set up and late payments
  • Charge for Returned Checks
  • Testing Charge for repeat Texas Success Initiative Assessment (TSI tests), after the first test is administered at no charge
  • Charge for delinquent accounts sent to Collection Agencies


Do I still have to pay for textbooks and other course materials?

Yes. Textbooks and course materials are still required for most courses. There are programs with additional costs such as uniforms, equipment, clinicals, software, and other program-specific costs that will be the responsibility of the student. The College bookstore provides book rentals, and sells new and used books and course materials. If you enroll in a course designated as Open Books Plus, there will be an associated charge for digital course materials that will be available on the first day of the class at the lowest market cost. Examples of course materials students would be responsible for include textbooks, uniforms, special supplies, background checks, etc.


What will I pay to audit a course?

Students will pay the same tuition rate to audit a course that they would pay to take the course for credit, based on residency.