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Information about Tutoring Services

Here at San Jacinto College, we have everything you need to succeed. Our people are your people, and we have centers staffed with tutors to help you achieve your academic goals. We offer free tutoring on a variety of subjects all year long.

Our tutors are faculty and students just like you who have taken these courses and are familiar with the instructors. Student tutors are certified by the College Reading and Learning Association and come highly recommended by their instructors. Tutoring is FREE and here to benefit you.

Summer 2021 Tutoring


Face-to-Face Tutoring Subject Schedules by Campus: Click Here for Central. Click Here for North. Click Here for South. Click Here for Generation Park.


Online Tutoring Appointments: Click Here to login to TutorTrac and search for available online appointments. 

Instructions for Scheduling an Appointment

Tips for a Successful Tutoring Session

Email the SSCs:

North Campus: SSCTutoringNorth@sjcd.edu

South Campus: SSCTutoringSouth@sjcd.edu

Central Campus: SSCTutoringCentral@sjcd.edu

Generation Park: SSCTutoringGenerationPark@sjcd.edu




The Student Success Center is a center that conducts different types of tutoring for various subjects such as Math, English, Sciences and many more for FREE!

The SSC provides many resources for any student who comes into the center which include the following:

  • Calculators are available to be checked out; however, the calculators must only be used within the center and the student must provide a driver's license or Student Identification Card. Calculators must be returned before the student checks out or leaves the center.
  • The center also provides different textbooks and solution manuals for the subjects that are being tutored. These resources may not leave the center.
  • The SSC provides free computer usage for academic purposes. Please note students are not allowed on social websites such as Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, etc.
  • The SSC is not only a place to get free tutoring and use free resources but is also a place where students may study in a quiet environment.
  • The SSC conducts Conversation Hour, which helps English second language students practice English by doing many different activities.

In order to make use of the SSC and any of its resources, you will need your student identification number or San Jacinto College ID card. The SSC is free for students who attend any San Jacinto College campus.

Students are not allowed to take textbooks or resources out of the center.

Follow these Steps: You must use a campus computer. Type http://sjctutortrac/ as the URL address & press Enter. Enter your “G” number in the “USER NAME” field. Your password is the same as your SOS account. Select “Visit History” on the left panel and click the “Print” option.

North Campus

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