Website Redesign 2018-19

Technology, the internet, and website design are ever advancing, growing, and changing. To provide the best service to its users, a website must continually adapt to the changing environment in order to meet the ever increasing demands of the field.

Since our current website design, San Jacinto College has grown, and continues to grow, increasing demand on the website and its functionality.

In order to meet the ever growing demands of the College, our students, and technology, San Jacinto College has begun the process of redesigning the college website presence. We have partnered with design and development company KWALL for this project.

Why do we need a new website?

The need for this initiative is demanded by advances in technology, especially mobile devices, need for better video incorporation, incorporation of Pathways initiative, improvements in site search, calendar, site architecture, user interface, and better aesthetic and modern appearance reflecting the high standards of our college.

What will be included in the new website?

  • A modern and efficient design built with a mobile first focus.
  • Better user experience with more intuitive navigation and site structure
  • Robust internal search with filterable results
  • Video features and full incorporation within site
  • More user-friendly calendars with customized calendars for different portions of site
  • Personalized content: custom messaging based on who is using the site
  • Detailed and feature maps
  • Live chat

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Approved Website Design

The new design of the website has been finalized and approved. Click the image on the right to view what the future of looks like! >>


We issued an RFP with detailed requirements for both the site and qualifications of a vendor to provide the required services. KWALL's proposal stood out as understanding our project requirements, having the requires experience & expertise, having skilled and qualified people, and a competitive price for the overall project.

KWALL is a design & development company primarily serving the higher ed sector with a client list including USC, Arizona State, University of Arizona, San Diego State University, among others. They are also highly and familiar and skilled with a number of SJC platforms such as Banner, Blackboard, Acquia, Drupal, Google Analytics, and more.

The selection committee identified KWALL as one of three finalists from the initial 17 proposals. KWALL and the other two finalists were provided more detailed questions and asked to present live to the selection committee. From those presentations, KWALL received the highest overall scores and was ranked #1 in the final round presentation by six of the seven committee members.

How Can I Contribute?

Since 2016 we have been doing research on the need for a new website, what users want, what's working and what's not working on the current site. We have conducted student surveys, employee surveys, focus groups, presented to various committees and groups, and sought out special feedback from various stakeholders. We have used this research to build our website redesign strategy. As the project moves forward, we will be engaging stakeholders across the college for insight, feedback, and approval on various portions of the new site.

Read more about our Research & Discovery phase.