Research & Discovery

As our College has grown, and continues to grow, so does our website. Our website and digital needs have changed since the last website redesign, and the San Jacinto College Marketing department, over the past 2 years, has conducted extensive research into our sites performance, user experience and user preferences. Our research and discovery methods have included:

  • Three (3) separate surveys through ourselves and our vendors
  • Four (4) focus groups across North, South & Central campuses in Spring 2018
  • SLCC presentation and focus group
  • Reviewed and incorporated feedback from College Community Day group discussions
  • Website tracking and data analysis
  • Webpage post with open commentary asking for feedback with supporting email
  • Social media commentary and messages
  • Anecdotal accounts
  • Competitor and industry research

During this research and discovery process, we have received a great deal of participation and valuable commentary with thousands of surveys submitted, hundreds of individual comments and dozens of participants in focus group discussions. We have built our website redesign strategy to address the identified issues, serve our primary audience of students, while also providing a high level experience for faculty, staff, administrators, parents and the community at large.

The new website will include the following elements and/or address these problems:

  • A modern and efficient design built to perform equally as well on mobile and desktop platforms
  • Better user experience with more intuitive navigation and site structure
  • Robust internal search with filterable results
  • Video features and full incorporation within site
  • More user-friendly calendars with customized calendars for different portions of site
  • Personalized content with dedicated landing pages for different interests
  • Detailed and feature maps
  • Live chat
  • Quick links to access high demand pages of the site
  • Optimized content for better ranking in search results
  • Content analyzed and optimized to eliminate confusion and redundancy; to include combining content, eliminating content and expanding on content where necessary
  • WCAG 2.0 Accessibility Standards compliant
  • Compliance with all legal requirements

We are very excited about the future site and are confident it will deliver and exceed expectations. We look forward to presenting further milestones in this project as we work towards a new site launch in February 2019.