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Continuing Education Cancellations & Refunds

At San Jacinto College, we understand that situations can arise that cause students to drop a Continuing Professional Development class. Here’s what to do next.

Canceled Classes

If San Jacinto College cancels a class, we will make every attempt to contact you with the contact information we have on file. Please make sure we have a daytime phone number for you so we can reach you. You may also inquire about the status of a class by calling campus or by logging onto My San Jac.

3 Things to Know About Refunds

  1. When to Request a Refund

    A total refund is given for all dropped and canceled classes, as long as withdrawal requests are received before the class begins. No refund is given after the class begins.

  2. How to Receive a Refund

    All refunds are paid by check to the student regardless of the method or source of original registration payment. Please allow three to four weeks for your refund to be processed and mailed to the address given at the time of registration. If there has been an address change, please provide the corrected address with your withdrawal request.

  3. What Happens for a Canceled Class

    If San Jacinto College cancels a class, the College will automatically process a total refund for students who do not choose to transfer to another available class.

Any Questions?

To learn more about Continuing Professional Development policies at San Jac, please call 281-542-2020, email, or reach out to our vice chancellor. We’re happy to help.

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