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Our goal at the Office of Student Engagement & Activities is to promote success inside and out of the classroom by enhancing the student experience. College isn’t just about learning on the inside of the classroom. We strive to create an environment where students feel connected to their alma mater by offering programs to open doors to student leadership, social opportunities, volunteering in the local community, and enhancing academic success.

Throughout the year we offer events that are free to students, staff and faculty including hotdog grill outs, hosting a variety of performers, informational events, and create memorable photos. Check the online calendar for upcoming events on your campus! If you are interested in getting involved with peers who share common interests or goals, look into the many student groups we offer on our campuses. Have some free time between classes? Come hang out in your on campus game room.

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Central Campus

Student Center (C14.100) 

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Generation Park

Academic Building  (G2.101E)


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North Campus

Student Center (N12.104)
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South Campus

Student Center (S11.115)
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