New Tuition Model 2019

Board of Trustees approves new simplified tuition model

New tuition goes into effect with Fall 2019 semester

new tuition rates flyer Because San Jacinto College is committed to student success, the College is announcing a simplified tuition model designed to enhance the student experience by streamlining rates and eliminating enrollment and registration fees. The new tuition structure will be simpler for students to understand and easier to calculate enrollment costs, creating a more user-friendly registration process, free from surprise added costs. Students taking a full-time course load may see an overall increase, but more than 36 percent of San Jac students will see their total costs reduced with the new simplified tuition. As one of the Top 10 community colleges in the nation, San Jacinto College is committed to excellence, ensuring student success in many ways, including economic accessibility. The College remains one of the most affordable options in the entire Gulf Coast Region and is proud to reaffirm that position as the new simplified tuition model goes into effect in Fall 2019.


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