Cancer Data

Cancer Data Management Admission Information

To make informed decisions about cancer diagnoses and treatment, physicians need accurate, organized data from analytical managers. Want to be the one playing this critical role? Use this information to get started on your journey in cancer data management.

Getting Started

Already applied to San Jacinto College? If you’ve already been admitted, you’ve only got a few more steps before you can jump into coursework in cancer data management. Follow these steps to get started.
  1. Meet the Academic Requirements

    In order to be admitted to the program, you’ll need to possess a reading skill level of 7 and a math skill level of 8. You can take an assessment right here at San Jac, or you can submit your ACT or SAT scores to the department.

  2. Attend an Information Session

    Have questions about the program? Attend an information session to speak directly to faculty and staff who can give you all the answers you need.

  3. Apply

    Now you’re ready for the last step! Complete an application, which will be reviewed by the program’s application committee. The committee will reach out to inform you of their decision and help you get started with course registration.

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What’s Next?

You’ve been accepted to the program. Congrats! Here’s what comes next.
To begin, you’ll be required to complete courses in medical terminology, health information systems, pathophysiology, and more. In these classes—and many others—you’ll learn the foundations of what it takes to drive the future of cancer data management.

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