“Science and Social Justice” (2017)

Dr. Tyler Gibb

Keynote Address:

Dr. Tyler Gibb (Western Michigan University)
“The Persistent Vegetative State: Historical, Philosophical, Legal, or Medical Fiction?


Dr. Andrew Chau (San Jacinto College)
“Science, Values, and Food Sovereignty”

Linda deSosa (Rice University)
“The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment”

Prof. Cody Dickson (Texas Tech University)
“Mental Health and Social Justice”

Mary Elisabeth Gregory (Atascocita High School) &
Prof. Kimberly Miller-Davis (San Jacinto College)
“Duped and Drugged in the Service of Domesticity”

Dr. Karen Hattaway (San Jacinto College)
“Monsters as Symbols of Technophobia”

Prof. John Michael Patterson (San Jacinto College)
“Medical Advancements: The Holocaust and Nazism”

Dr. James Semones (San Jacinto College)
“The Intersection of Population Biology and Demography: An Eminent Environmental and Social Justice Issue”

Dr. Ron Spross (Citizen Climate Lobby)
“Climate Change: Impacts and Policy Initiatives”

Prof. Monica Yancey (San Jacinto College)
“Houston’s Inconvenient Truth: How Does Climate Change Impact Houston?”

Organizing Committee:

Andrew Chau, Arthur Fitz-Gerald, John Gillespie, Crystal Tewes