“Heroes and Heroines”

Phelps and Frye

Keynote Addresses:

The Honorable Judge Phyllis Frye (State of Texas)
“Becoming a Shero”

Dr. Wesley Phelps (Sam Houston State University)
“We Can Be Heroes Just for One Day: Heroism and History Reconsidered”


Dr. John Barr (Lone Star College)
“The Grandeur of Their Lives: Charles Darwin, Abraham Lincoln, and the Hero in History”

Dr. Nancy Carothers (San Jacinto College)
“Mother Teresa of Calcutta: Heroic Love”

Dr. Yesinia Chavez (San Jacinto College)
“Selena Quintanilla: A Modern Example of a Heroic Woman in Music in the US”

Linda deSosa (Rice University)
“Why Didn’t More Heroes Come Forward During the Holocaust?”

Patrick Graham (University of Houston Downtown)
“The Early Life of Loius Armstrong: The Summoning and Training of a Hero”

Dr. Karen Hattaway (San Jacinto College)
“When Chaos Descends, Monster Slayers Arise”

Ivan Koop Kuper (University of St. Thomas)
“Rabbi Henry Cohen’s Life History in Public Administration”

Prof. Tammy Miller (San Jacinto College)
“Breaking the Chains: Wonder Woman and the Triumph over the Superman”

Prof. Kimberly Miller-Davis (San Jacinto College)
“From Huck Finn to Captain Underpants: The Heroes of Banned Books”

Prof. John Michael Patterson (San Jacinto College)
“Raphael Lemkin: Hero of the Voiceless”

Carry Caton Pillsbury (University of St. Thomas)
“From War Refugees to Radical Patrons: The Educational, Political and Cultural Legacy of John and Dominique de Menil”

Dr. William Raffetto (San Jacinto College)
“Warfare and Heroism: Human Costs and Suffering”

Prof. RaeAnn Ramsey (Mission College)
“A Voice from the Broom Closet: Marie Curie”

Prof. Julie Sample (Lone Star College)
“Heroism Edited: Paul Jennings and the War of 1812”

Prof. Charles Scott (University of Houston Downtown)
“The Story of Captain America: How a Hero Changes”

2018 Organizing Committee:

Andrew Chau, Art Fitz-Gerald, John Gillespie, Susan Palmer, Monica Yancey