Donors making a difference: Niday family honored with annual Lifetime Legacy Award

Nov 30, 2020Andrea Vasquez
SJC Foundation Donor Lunch

Paying it forward is often how people describe a way to thank and continue the same generosity, mentorship, and caring that leads to possibility. Whether it's time, talent, or treasure, those who want to make an impact of any kind find ways they can support the people and causes that mean the most to them. Matching donors to student needs is something the San Jacinto College Foundation can do for their donors — showing them how their gifts are impacting students' lives.

The Foundation matches donors to various programs, initiatives, and student needs. This allows donors several giving options such as general recurring giving, regular scholarships, scholarship endowments, and planned giving. Since so many facets of accessing and completing a college credential are even more difficult now, the Foundation also provides donors with opportunities to donate directly to emergency funding for students. These funds help students with any emergency needs that arise, such as utility bills, child care, groceries, and other immediate essential needs.

"The San Jacinto College Foundation helps our students by shouldering some of the financial burden that comes with pursuing higher education," said San Jacinto College Chancellor Dr. Brenda Hellyer. "Each year, our generous donors change the course of so many students' lives. While the scholarships and emergency funding they provide mean less stress for our students, the support also motivates them to persevere. Thanks to you, our students are achieving their educational and career goals."

Having a number of giving options also helps donors budget and plan for their financial gifts. With general giving and regular scholarships, donors can give a set amount each year knowing that their funds will be used based upon the criterion they set for their scholarship or recurring gift. Scholarship endowments provide scholarship funding to students for years. Endowments are larger amounts donated to the College, which it manages in perpetuity. Like regular scholarships, the donor still has to specify how they want their endowment to be used. However, the principal of the endowment is untouched, so the scholarship will remain a consistent source of aid for students that produces funds from the interest earned. Planned gifts allow donors to incorporate the College into their will as a recipient of the planned amount they specify after their passing. This is yet another option donors have to leave an additional educational legacy to ensure San Jacinto College students exceed their goals thanks to their generous gift.

In 2019, the San Jacinto College Foundation honored the Niday family as its annual Lifetime Legacy Award recipient. The Niday family has endowed two scholarships: the Joy Ruth Niday Scholarship for nursing students and the Capt. John B. "Jack" Niday Jr. Maritime Scholarship.

"When my mother passed away in 2003, I gave thought to how I could honor her," said Joy Niday, local business owner and Foundation board member. "I decided to set up a scholarship in her name for nursing students. The students who receive the scholarship will become caregivers and will do so much good in the world. My mom had the desire to become a nurse but couldn't afford to achieve it. It is rewarding to know we are helping someone else make that journey."

After her father's passing in 2018, Niday also established the Captain John B. "Jack" Niday Maritime Scholarship in honor of him and his longtime contribution to the maritime industry working on the Houston Ship Channel.

"The Captain John B. 'Jack' Niday Maritime Scholarship is dedicated to supporting San Jacinto College maritime students, in honor of four generations of Niday men who have served on Houston's Ship Channel," Niday added.

To date, the Niday family has funded more than 48 student scholarships.

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