RNs wanting flexibility, affordability can start with San Jac’s BSN program

Jun 5, 2023Courtney Morris
Monica Manthey
Monica Manthey

Almost 25 years into her hospital nursing career, Monica Manthey was done waiting.

Manthey called a family meeting to discuss the next year with her husband and teen son: She had been accepted into San Jacinto College’s Bachelor of Science in Nursing program. She was not backing out this time.

“I’ve registered, and the classes are paid for,” she said. “You’ll have to figure out what’s for dinner and run the household.”

Manthey was finally continuing her education to pursue a career dream: becoming a clinical instructor.

Are you a working registered nurse ready to take the next step in your career? You too can earn your BSN degree conveniently and affordably at San Jac for more earning potential and professional growth.

Apply now through Aug. 17, 2023, for the fall 2023 cohort.

High Quality at Low Cost

Monica Manthey
Monica Manthey returned to her alma mater to advance her career.

San Jac’s three-semester BSN program (31 credit hours) builds on your experience through fully online eight-week courses focused on health care trends, public/global health policy, community health, ethics, and leadership.

Program tuition is around $2,600 for in-district students and $6,900 for out-of-district. Every BSN student will receive a scholarship.

“At San Jac, associate degree nursing is our launching pad, not our landing pad,” Dr. Veronica Jammer, RN-to-BSN department chair, said. “BSN is really the natural next step.”

After earning your BSN degree, you may specialize in advanced practice or leadership positions, such as …

  • Direct patient care
  • Public health
  • Inpatient/outpatient services
  • Education
  • Management

As a proud San Jac associate degree nursing alumna, Manthey looked to her alma mater once again for quality training.

“My education at San Jac helped me succeed prior to my BSN,” she said. “The integrity, responsibility, and purpose that was instilled in us as a group — I took those to heart in my years of practice. Now with my BSN, if I wanted to go into an administrative position, they’ve given me the groundwork to succeed again.”

BSNs in High Demand

Not only is nursing the nation’s largest health care profession, but Houston boasts some of the highest employment and pay rates for RNs nationwide.

Today, more health care employers seek BSN-prepared nurses to keep pace with evolving health care. With the BSN program, San Jac meets not only area workforce needs but also busy RNs’ needs.

“The program was designed to help all nurses in the community pursue higher education to support upward mobility within the nursing profession,” said Dr. Rhonda Bell, Central Campus dean of health and natural sciences.

Manthey is proof. While pursuing her BSN, she navigated 12-hour nursing shifts, work committees, a husband who worked evenings, and two sons in their senior years of high school and college.

“I completed the BSN program despite having a busy life,” Manthey said. “Life did pop up, and I had to learn how to deal with that as well as stay on task. But I completed my degree in the time allotted, and it flew by. If I was able to do it, anyone can.”

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