Leadership summit revives student life

Jun 5, 2022Courtney Morris
Leadership Summit

San Jacinto College Student Engagement and Activities is reimagining students' on-campus experience.

On April 22, student engagement brought together student leaders and advisors not only to review policies but also to brainstorm ways to increase student engagement post-pandemic.

"We help our students execute their ideas on campus," Brian Bui, student engagement coordinator, said. "If we listen to them, together we can create something meaningful and make positive changes that can impact the largest number of students."

The daylong event included an icebreaker, roundtables, and award ceremony for students who had made a big impact in 2021-2022.

Working with advisors, students examined what student life is like now and where they want it to be. Ashley Winslow, South Campus student government president, feels collaboration among student organizations will revive on-campus engagement.

"I can't wait to see what we can accomplish when we all come together and support each other," Winslow said. "Student events, workshops, and support networks can be bigger and better when organizations work together."

Winslow helped gather feedback from peers about what they needed to feel supported and successful at San Jac.

"A big part of being a leader is recognizing the need for change and advocating for solutions to accomplish those changes," she said. "This is definitely not an easy task, but it is absolutely necessary to provide effective leadership and create progress."

During the summit, students focused on the entire College rather than specific campuses, and advisors shared their perspective. Based on the positive feedback, Bui anticipates making the summit an annual event to improve the student experience.

"Making decisions based on what is told versus what we believe is important to ensure we are delivering the experiences students want," Bui said. "That adds value to their time at San Jac."

Student engagement is reviewing the feedback and will streamline some processes to allow student organizations to focus more on their mission.

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SEA Leadership Summit 4-22-22