New programs coming in fall 2024

Jun 24, 2024Neesha Hosein
 New programs coming fall 2024

San Jacinto College is offering several new degrees and certificates in fall 2024. These programs will support the needs of the local job market, ensuring students are equipped with relevant skills for in-demand careers.  

Criminal Justice, Associate of Arts  

The Associate of Arts degree in criminal justice is designed for transfer to complete a Bachelor of Arts in criminal justice or other compatible degree plan.  

This associate degree will transfer to any public Texas four-year college or university with a criminal justice major.   

Locations: Central Campus, North Campus, and San Jac Online  

Sociology, Associate of Arts 

Interested in studying social interaction, social change, and the causes and consequences of group behavior? Sociology majors examine these and various topics like social stratification and inequality, race relations, gender and sexuality, marriage and family, crime and violence, economics, politics, and religion.  

The College offers transfer paths for students planning to complete a major at a four-year or upper-level institution.  

Locations: All campuses 

Mental Health Addiction Study, Associate of Applied Science  

Are you a good listener who enjoys offering comfort to others during tough times? This degree plan prepares students to become mental health technicians, and it combines the mental health substance use disorder counseling Level 2 certificate and the mental health substance use prevention specialist occupational certificate.  

These mental health addiction study program trains students to offer specialized counseling and assistance to individuals and families grappling with the challenges of substance abuse. Each program offers a practicum class that allows students to apply classroom skills in a treatment setting. 

Graduates will be able to work in substance abuse and mental health facilities in both private and nonprofit organizations such as: 

  • In-patient psychiatric and outpatient hospitals 
  • Veteran affairs clinics 
  • Nursing homes 
  • Research facilities 
  • Pain management clinics 
  • Counseling and drug rehab centers

Locations: North Campus, South Campus, and San Jac Online  

Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Associate of Applied Science  

Discover a rewarding career as a magnetic resonance imaging technologist. Gain essential skills in MRI procedures and patient care and collaborate with medical teams through hands-on clinical rotations.  

Students will learn about the heart of health care innovation and position themselves for success in this thriving field.   

MRI technologists use magnetic fields and radio waves to aid in diagnosing diseases. They ensure patient care, adhere to safety protocols, assess image quality, and exercise professional judgment.  

Graduates can find employment in hospitals, clinics, or imaging centers. 

Location: Central Campus  

Dance Instructor, Certificate of Technology  

Passionate about dance? San Jac’s dance instructor program offers tailored coursework led by experienced instructors. Get the skills and hands-on experience needed to transform the love for dance into a new profession.   

The program provides basic preparation for entry-level employment, developing skills in pedagogy, movement, technology, and performance culminating in a two-semester internship at a local dance studio. 

Graduates may pursue work as: 

  • Dance instructors/teachers 
  • Movement coaches 
  • Choreographers 

Location: South Campus 

Barbering, Certificate of Technology 

Want to help others look and feel their best? The barbering program at San Jac prepares students for a rewarding career.  

Students train to become licensed Class A barbers in Texas. The 1,000-hour program (31 college credits) offers comprehensive technical and practical training in barbering, including shaving, clipper cutting, men's grooming, and men's facials. Graduates are eligible to take the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation exam. Work opportunities include barber shops, dual barber/cosmetology salons, spas, or entrepreneurship. 

Locations: North and South Campuses

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