Non-destructive testing alumna Warner finds passion at San Jac

Jun 3, 2024Melissa Trevizo
Nondestructive Testing

San Jacinto College alumna Shanna Warner is blazing her trail in the world of non-destructive testing as a second career. 

A former San Jac senior administrative assistant, Warner began her journey into non-destructive testing with a chance encounter during a training session at the LyondellBasell Center for Petrochemical, Energy, & Technology.  

"Something sparked in me," Warner said. "I liked the idea of working in the field and getting my hands dirty. NDT is a cool marriage of crafts and engineering, and the salary potential didn't hurt either." 

Eager to explore this newfound interest, Warner wasted no time in pursuing her passion. She began taking classes in January 2021, immersing herself in the curriculum.  

Shanna Warner
Shanna Warner
Under the guidance of dedicated instructors like Wayne Chrisman and Stephen Rowland, Warner not only gained a deep understanding of non-destructive testing principles but also absorbed essential values such as ethical inspection practices and attention to detail.  

She earned her associate degree in non-destructive testing technology in December 2022.  

Today, Warner is an eddy current assistant for the oil and gas sector, working toward her Level II inspector certification. Her job has taken her to five states and all over Houston, providing her with invaluable hands-on experience. 

Reflecting on her transition from her previous role at San Jac, Warner speaks fondly of her time there.  

"My 9-5 at San Jac was amazing," she said. "Working there set my expectations high for what a workplace should offer."  

Warner's adventurous spirit and dedication to her craft are evident in her approach to her work. 

"I've always had a 'mess around and find out' kind of personality," she said. "I keep myself open, willing to explore new opportunities and push boundaries.” 

Looking ahead, Warner aspires to return to San Jac one day as an instructor, eager to give back and inspire future non-destructive testing professionals.  

"I'd love to be an example for future students, especially as a woman in the industry," she said. "But first, I've got a long way to go as I move up my certification levels." 

As Warner continues to make a name for herself in the world of non-destructive testing, her story serves as a testament to the power of perseverance and lifelong learning. In a world where career paths constantly evolve, Warner's journey exemplifies what happens when you dare to follow your dreams. 

"If anyone is thinking about a career change, go for it. Make an accessible plan with attainable goals, and try it out," Warner said. "As cliché as it sounds, you only live once. If you can make the move, you should." 

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